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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 3, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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ago, classmate told us she talked to him in class and he talked about killing himself. a few of the students who heard him took him seriously, not until he and his girlfriend took their lives police say in a double suicide. desiree at that time rick told friends she was in love with her boyfriend. when the 17-year-old girl and her 18-year-old boyfriend were found dead monday, one friend remembered something ominous. >> somehow we got on the topic of death, and he was like he dint care about dying, and he will kill himself. that was three weeks ago. >> reporter: police say the teens had a suicide pact. desiree's father discovered their bodies inside a bedroom inside the home both shot. the two were seniors at forest park high school. friends say they had dated since last year and never saw signs of trouble, but looking back now, there may have been another warning sign last week.
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>> he had a little star. he had a star on his forehead, like the worship the devil i think. >> reporter: that's not the boy his family described. as a gifted musician that they loved and will miss. in a statement, his mother said he had a loving heart and was adored by all and had a smile that could light up the room. we have lost a great gifted son, she said. police have not shed light on the motive of the suicide pact. one neighbor says it's hard to fathom what led to this ending. >> it's unbelievable. what could they have been thinking or what could have been on their minds? you know, what kind of problems could they have that was that great? >> reporter: a lot of questions still to be answered. williams' stepfather says he never heard him talk about suicide. this weekend, he took his little
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brother trick or treating on halloween. >> the school had counselors available today. disturbing new details on a sexual assault at the maryland school for the deaf.ay there are four suspects in the assault of a male student in one of the dorms last week. three of the suspects were juveniles, the fourth is an adult. all lived in the same dorm as the victim. police say criminal charges will be filed. the victim is recovering. new information tonight about the death of a beloved d.c. restaurant owner. police say norra amaih was murdered. she co-owned a restaurant. fox 5's beth parker has more. >> reporter: police have just released the cause of death. police say they the woman was strangled. so far investigators have made
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no arrests. >> she is a hero to all of us. >> reporter: a hero and a sister. but many who knew norra would recognize her here on the job. she and her brother were co-owners of this student near 14th and u northwest. >> she is the kind of person that you know you can go to her and you're going to feel great. she was always very positive around everybody, and she had that energy to bring you back up. >> reporter: she was a wonderful person, always eager to please everybody. she lived alone here in an apartment on 16th street, and that's where her sister found her body monday evening. there was no sign of forced entry. darren sanitios is the general manager of the restaurant. >> it's tragic. it's horrible. >> reporter: he says coworkers gathered at the restaurant this afternoon. >> we're all just lost right ow. we don't know what to do. we're trying to band together and just, you know, continue working like norra would like us to. >> reporter: coworkers last saw the woman at the restaurant on
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saturday. they say she left work a bit early on halloween to do what she lolfed, salsa dancing. when asked what he will miss most? >> her laugh. >> reporter: she is described as kind and loving. >> these going to be with us -- she is going to be with us all the time and forever. >> her brother was the chef at the restaurant. family members say she handled the business side of things. one employee tells me that even though she was the boss, she was a good friend. live in the news room, beth parker. caught on camera, two suspected credit card thieves. the frederick county sheriff's office says some people stole several credit cards from a pet smart employee. these are the suspects. investigators believe they went on a $2400 shopping spree at target with the credit cards which is the pictures were taken. if you recognize these people, give the sheriff's county office
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a call. another big story tonight, election day 2009. >> virginia is in the national spotlight tonight as vortss head to the polls to pick a new governor. we have live team coverage from richmond. we're going to start with our tom fitzgerald live in mcdonnell's camp in mitch roned. how did mcdonnell spend election day today >> reporter: they mapped out a back to the future tour forbob mcdonnell, taking him to four locations that he either lived or worked throughout his life in the commonwealth, that meant startinghis morning with a voting session in his hometown of glen al in. following that, he made his way up to the mount vernon area of fairfax county, and that is where he lived as a child. after that, he headed south again going down to virginia beach. that is an area where he represented in the legislature when he served there. and finally later tonight, he
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will make his way here to richmond where, of course, mcdonnell served as the republican attorney general for the last four years. just after his voting, mcdonnell told reporters he was humbled by this experience and looking forward to the voting returns. >> the people of virginia are kind enough to hire me, i will work irelessly to grow jobs, to turn this economy around with small businesses, and uplift the highest ideals that this state has put in place for many years. >> reporter: mcdonnell's campaign has seen a lot of smooth sailing since the race began in june, but it has not been without its bumps in the road. most notably, the revelation of a 20-year-old college paper he wrote which was highly critical of working women, homosexuals and birth control. over, george mason university political professor michael mcdonald says that mcdonnell was not only able to survive a
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momentary dip in the polls, but regain his lead and add to it because many voters are focused on economic issues rather than social issues. >> bob mcdonnell has spoken on the main issue which is concerning virginia voters, which is the economy. and he stayed away from the social issues in this campaign. it has been deeds that has brought up the social issues. >> reporter: now, a law has been made over -- a lot has been made over the fact that during this last campaign this year that creigh deeds had note reached out to a lot of moderates and independent republicans. recent poll showed that 61% of independence are now favoring mcdonnell at this point. and maybe not going after those independence and not rad -- independents may affect the election tonight. over to the democratic challenger now, creigh deeds hopes his last minute stumping
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is closing mcdonnell's double digit lead. >> reporter: the saying goes that it ain't over until it's over. the deeds camp is campaigning really hard hoping t get out the last minute votes before the polls close tonight at 7:00. the theme here all in for virginia, they are saying what that means is they need everyone to give their all to be all in this for them to pull off a vicket victory today. the turnout especially in the democratic strong holds of northern virginia, places like alexandria and arlington has been higher than expected. the men vying for the spots of governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general are hoping to pull out the victory tonight. but deeds as you have said earlier is reminding voters that the only poll that kowntss is the poll today. he started his day at 6:30 today with his family voting, and then he headed to charlottesville to
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rally the troops there. he is fighting the polls that have him in double digits behind his opponent. some analystsay that his campaign really backfired. i spoke with creigh deeds just minutes ago, and he says do not count him out. >> we're getting some encouraging numbers out of certain parts of virginia. we still have a lot of work to do. i feel real good, real strong. we have a lot of good things going on in virginia, but frankly, people are hurting. and a lot of people are frustrated and angry because of that, because of the economy. so i have to make the case that i have the best plan to restore confidence in the economy, and i do. >> reporter: well, the mood here at the deeds' campaign remains very optimistic. the polls do not close until 7:00. they are hoping for the 11th hour surge. that all remains to be scene. we're going to be here for the duration of the night and bring you the latest updates. that's the latest from here in
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richmond. >> maureen, thank you. the governors' race not the only big decision virginia voters face. they will be deciding on a lieutenant governor and attorney general, plus all 100 seats in the house of delegates are up for grabs. marylanders also hitting the polls today. voters at this polling pla in rockville are still out. not a very busy place right now, but voters are still coming and going at this hour. several cities are all voting on a mayor. there are also several aldermen and city council elections. you can depend on fox 5 for complete coverage of electio day 2009. for a list of the polling station and results, head to and don't forget to tune in tonight for complete team coverage of the day's big races. he has been the target of a lot of anger from redskins' fans, and now the team's owner is finally breaking his silence. his take on the state of the skins coming up next.
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you c buy your own bike. so... >> this little girl is hoping that someone will do the rilght thing. the bike her grandfather used to raise money and awareness of her illness was stone. out of this world hotel literally, promising to be ready for gues in 2012. are you ready to stay in outer space? i'm going to stay here on earth. the weather today here in d.c. was glorious, perfect for the voters. you still have time to get out to the polls, but it's going to get cold around the region tonight. coming up, we will let you know who needs to watch out for frost overnight. and you keep it right here on fox 5. we will be right back. 
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redskins owner dan snyder is breaking his silence about his losing team. he told reporters that the team is embarrassed. dave feldman is live in the news room. we have all been waiting to hear from snyder, so what did he have to say? >> he ate a little humble pie, which we normally don't see. fans krb critical of the owner on talk radio and in interviews and with signs that they are no longer allowed to bring into the
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field. today at a pep rally to celebrate the addition of eight high school fields, snyder said he was sorry. snyder and much of his team visited high schools, and in his ten years of owner, daniel snyder has very rarely spoken during the season. and after the 2 and 5 start coupled with the jim zorn scenario, it wasn't a good bet for this season. but today he did talk. >> obviously we feel frustration and we feel sorry for our fans. performance to date is not what we expected, and we hope to turn that around beginning this sunday in atlanta. and we hope to have a much better season going forward. and we appreciate very, very much the support of the fans through the difficult beginning of the season. >> snyder was asked to comment on his sign ban at fedex field, but he did not address the issue. coming up at 6:00, the redskins make a change at punt
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returner and an update on the great alex ovechkin. but shawn, dan snyder apparently sorry with the way hs team is feeling and wants to apologize to the fans. >> i'm just curious, when you were out there, did you get to ask him about the whole coaching controversy with jim zorn? >> he didn't field any questions on that. he just wanted to apologize to the fans, and that was it. dan snyder doesn't really stop and talk and do interviews, and this wasn't an interview. it was more of a, hey, i'm soy, let's move on. >> at least he said something. i'm sure the fans appreciate that. thank you. serious weapons charges now filed against an nba star. a prince george's county grrge indicted west on eight counts of carrying a concealed weapon. police say they caught him with two loaded pistols and a shotgun when they pulled him over in september. an officer says west cut him off, and that's why they pulled him over.
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a aspiring rapper now charged with four counts of capital murder in the beating deaths of four people in virginia. 20-year-old sam mcenclosesky is accused of killing his 16-year-old girlfriend, her parents, and a friend back in september. he met his girlfriend online through an interest in horror core music. he flew from california to virginia to meet her for the first time just 12 days before the murders. new developments tonight in a case that has shocked the nation. a cleveland television station reporting two more bodies have been recovered from the home of a convicted rapist. last week, police discovered the bodies of six african-american women at the home. the man is now in jail, although he has not been charged. cleland police are expected to hold a news conference on today's discovery later tonight. the search for a missing baby continues in florida. searcheams are scouring a remote community for a 7-month-old baby. the little girl was last seen
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when her parents went to bed at 3:00 a.m. saturday morning. officers are now looking into why it took her parents more than three hours to call police about her disappearance. they are also looking into a person of from in the case. a seventh person has been arrested in the gang rape of a 15-year-old girl outside a california high school during a homecoming dance. the girl was attacked in a school courtyard. police as many as 20 people watched without calling police. officials plan to install cameras. a haling rally is -- a healing rally is planned for tart today. s.w.a.t. teams had a car surrounded for two and a half hours. police had tried to stop the driver who was suspected in a possible car jacking. officers say the man opened fire, and they fire back, hitting him seferts. police could see the suspect they say sitting in the car with a handgun. they did finally get him out of the car. no word on the suspect's
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condition right now. more fallout involving the two northwest pilots who missed their destination by 150 miles. a senate subcommittee is now working on a bill that would ban the use of computer laptops and other personal electronics inside airline cockpits. it's expected to be introduced next week. the bill is. the northwest pilots say they lost track of time while they were using their laptop computers. angela merckell travelling to capitol hill today to thank americans for their help in reuniting germany. next monday marks the 20th anniversary of the fal of the berlin wall. she urged lawmakers to come to an agreement on how to fight global warming and pledged her country's commitment to promoting security in afghanistan. a beautiful crisp fall afternoon, perfect for the folks who are heading out to the polls today. you have about 40 minutes left, and hopefully the weather will hold up. >> and the beautiful visuals
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out there while you're waiting in line. sue is down in the weather center. the trees around here must be peaking. >> just a little bit past their peak, and you will notice how many of them lost their leaves from the breeze. we have a weak frontal system moving through the region, but before it got here, we got up to 67 degrees. it was a perfect day to get out there and vote. but you know what's going to happen tonight? it's going too get cold enough we're worried about frost across the region. it goes all the way from the mason dixon line down through southwestern virginia over to the eastern shore and everywhere west of 95, but it does not include the district or baltimore or southern maryland. west of this area, watch for the temperatures to drop tonight, a frosty start. just a couple of clouds out
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there as the frontal system is sliding through, but the clouds will be long gone tonight, and as the sun goes down, we're going to see the winds getting much lighter. no showers with the front, all of those can be confined up through northern pennsylvania and new york state. notice the temperatures down into the mid-50s, and the evening forecast we will see the temperatures dropping quickly. in about 15 minutes, the moon is going to be coming up, and it ought to look really beautiful. and keep an eye on it low in the horizon. it should be very spectacular under our clear skies tonight. more on the forecast and the game 6 forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks for the head's up on that. t website infespia created a list of careers that will show you the money without a college education. number one, air-traffic controller. you only need two to four years of special training on the john.
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forget the water. firefighters in month gomery county are adding something new to the truck to fight the flames. >> they will be using foam to
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battle blazes like this. y the change? john explains. >> reporter: managers in the fire rescue service believe this is the future of fire fighting. foam being sprayed on blazes rather water. new fire engines have the capacity of mixing a detergeent based foam solution with water and adding compressed air to the mix. the resulting foam sticks to whatever object is on fire or is being threatened by fire. >> we estimate that the rate of heat absorption is about three times faster with compressed air foam. that translates into making the plain water versus compressed air foam line about three to five times more efficient in extinguishing and knocking down the fire. >> reporter: this new kind of foam is called type a foam. it's designed for structure blazes. type b has been in use for
5:27 pm
decades, and it is used for fuel spills on the highway. the new fire trucks have the capacity of mixing and delivering either kind of foam. but what about clean up of type a foam in future building fires? >> i would describe it as a stronger version of the dishwasher detergeent you use in your kitchen sink every night. so the same cleanup necessary to dissolve bubbles in your kitchen sink, this would be applied to a compartment that's on fire. >> reporter: there will be some occasions when rather than using the new foam systems, straight water will be used to suppress flames. the new fire engines being installed at all fire stations have the capability of using straight water or foam to knockdown blazes. at the fire training academy in rockville, fox 5 news. one man's crusade for his
5:28 pm
sick granddaughter derailed. the dike he used to -- the bike he used to raise thousands of dollars and awareness nationwide has been stolen. the whole thing caught on camera. we have the story next. and more and more people these days are coming down with suspected cases of swine flu. so how will you know if you need to head to the e. r.? we have your checklist. keep it right here. fox 5 news at 5:00 will be right back. 
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this is fox 5 news at 5:00. >> right now, some of the big stories we are following at 5:00. police believe two teens found dead in a home in triangle, virginia had a suicide pact. investigators now say the 17-year-old and 18-year-old both killed themselves. patrick's father found the couple dead inside her bedroom monday, both with gunshot wounds. police say a restaurant owner found dead last night was murdered.
5:32 pm
the woman was found in her 16th street northwest apartment. investigators say she was strangled. she was the co-owner of the u street restaurant copies where there has been no arrest. redskins' owner dan snyder breaking his silence on the redskins's losing season. he says the team has let everyone down and he's embarrassed by the start. he says they hope to turn things around soon. he has been the target of criticism by many fans this season. a bike doesn't usually make headlines. but this is a special bike. a local grandfather used it to raise awareness about his granddaughter's disease. >> reporter: he rodethe bike cross country to raise awareness for his granddaughter who suffers from an incurable disease. so when a thief stole it, he took me than a bike but a symbol of hope for children everywhere.
5:33 pm
dick misso launched a bike trip last year. >> it was a great road bike, and it took me across the country. >> reporter: his granddaughter lives with pku. an inherited metabolic defect that makes it difficult for her to met blis essential ameano acids. >> you have to start a restricted diet that all of the children and adults have to stay on at this point for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: he was driven to raise awareness of the disease, so he hit the road, riding 3700 miles from oregon to virginia beach on this bike. he raised $170,000, and established the national helps e tia. his dream was to one day give the bike to tia as a reminder of his dedication and fight. >> when she got older, i figured she would appreciate it more. >> reporter: last tuesday, that
5:34 pm
dream was shattered when a thief caught here on tape entered his condo's garage. cut ofthe luck of his bike, and took off. and not just that his bike was gone, but the sentimental value attached. over the past month, three bikes have been taken from the storage locker. and now the condo board is ready to take action. the board plans to add more cameras to the garage area, but for the misso family, this has been a heartbreaking loss. not just because of the bike, but for what it stood for. >> it really was the impetus to kick off a fundraising effort for a cure. >> reporter: and even if they never recover it, they hope their message won't be lost and the trip will have been worth it. pku affects about 10,000 pple in the united states. if it is discovered at birth, children are to go on
5:35 pm
supplements and a low protein diet the rest of their lives, and it is note cheap. and that's part of the campaign, was to make treatment more affordable for everyone. >> he's certainly getting some more attention about this, too. >> reporter: maybe they may not find the bike, but i learned something new. pku if not treated can lead to severe mental retardation. so maybe we educated people about this as well, so there's a silver lining in this. >> hopefully somebody will step up. >> shame on them. >> claudia, thank you. virginia voters are choosing a new governor today. the results of that election and two other key national races could reflect on president obama. the races are being watched as a symbolic vote on how people feel about the white house. fox's bill hammer is more with on how the other races are shaping up. >> reporter: good evening to you.
5:36 pm
we will talk about virginia in a moment. in new jersey, this is a neck and neck race. president barack obama has tied himself to core zine, stumping there three times. new jersey has not gone for a republican governor going back to 1997. the economy, taxes, big issues in new jersey has helped to keep the race close. the third candidate, we're not sure what sort of impact he will have. he's pulling support away from both the democratic and republican candidates. the state of virginia appears to be a lot more clear-cut. republican bok mcdonnell against creigh deeds, which has got a lot of attention down there in our nation's copy. this was a state that went for president obama only 12 months ago, and it's the first time it has voted for a democrat in 44 years. a republican victory tonight
5:37 pm
could put the theory to the test. local issues are big, economy, jobs, transportation top of the list. state of new york, the one to watch is the 23rd congressional district, and what a race that has turned out to be. for the democrats, bill owens is on the ballot. doug hoffman represents the conservative party. the huge district borders with canada, and a fascinating development over the weekend. the republican here in the middle, she dropped out. then she endorsed the democrat bill owens. the republican party has been backing hoffman, and we're trying to gauge what it means for democrats, the vice-president joe den. he was stamping in watertown -- stumping in watertown, new york, on monday, and analysts watching these races closely trying to figure out clues for the congressional mid terms a year from now. and it's the first snapshot we will get for how americans are feeling about a democratic congress and barack obama's policies. back to you now. >> bill, curious here, how will president obama try to separate
5:38 pm
himself from these races if the gop candidates do, in fact, pull it off tonight? >> reporter: at the podium today at the white house, robert gibbs was asked about that, and already there seems to be some distance based on some of the projected polling in both states. there has been a little back and forth in virginia between creigh deeds and the white house as to who is taking orders and who is taking strategy and who is refusing to ake that strategy. and the state of new jersey, it's hard to separate the two. when barack obama is there 48 hours ago, you know it's very important to the white house, and they send the vice-president to upstate new york, you know how ctical the white house views races. some are predicting, laura, that if republicans go three for three, that could have a major impact on the debate over healthcare. but again, not to get ahead of that just yet. still waiting on results in all hree races at the moment. >> we will be watching. thanks very much, bill.
5:39 pm
we invite you to tune in tonight for complete coverage of you decide 2009. we will bring you the latest from the polling locations and the results as we get them. just check on all night long for the very latest, plus fox 5 news at 10:00 for all your election night news. more children with pneumonia are ending up in the hospital because of the swine flu. doctors say pneumonia can be a complication of any strain of flu, including h1n1. but it can also be caused by many other germs, too. symptoms usually include fever, cough, and ran pied breathing. doctors say parents are bringing their children in fearing they have the swine flu, only to find out it's really pneumonia. so when does your illness require a trip to the emergency room? health experts issued new guidelines for adults. if you have a fever, a cough, a sore throat combined with the other symptoms, you should see a doctor right away. difficult breathing, inability to keep liquids down or changes in behavior, and you should head to the e. r. if you are pregnant
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or have a chronic disease. send us your questions, we're standing by right now ready to help you sort through the confusion. and we have everything you need to know to protect yourself, just click on swine flu under the news tab. so are you addicted? tonight, how to tell if you're about to dive into a credit card crisis. what you need to know before you head out for holiday shopping next. one mom's dinnertime surprise, what she found hopping in this bag of lettuce when fox 5 news continues. more and more, the quality of our lives depends on our connections. access to high-speed internet, at home and on the go, is nlonger a luxury. it's how our children access education. it's how we find jobs, discover information, and connect with family and friends. it's the spark that drives innovation,
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watch your speed in prince george's county. council members approved the installation of 50 speed cameras countywide. they will all be near schools. the cameras will start going up in january. drivers caught going 12 miles over the speed limit will be mailed a $40 ticket.
5:44 pm
the exact locations of the new cameras have not been fineledsed. is your credit card a necessity, a luxury, or an addiction? some people charge thousands of dollars on card after card. now, check out the warning signs of a credit card addiction. those include maxing out all your cards, not showing how much you owe, and arguing with your spouse over money. well, it promises to come with all the creature comforts, but this new tourist hot spot is in space. it will be ready to welcome guests in the year 2012. and we have the scoop coming up next. it's the judge's last chance to decide which two dancers will head home tonight. we have the all access pass to so you think you can distance straight ahead on the news edge at 6:00. my doctor told me i had to start doing things for my heart,
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never before seen images of
5:48 pm
the planet mercury were just released today. it's one of the many projects keeping nasa very busy this year. chris has all the details. >> reporter: mercury as never seen before, nasa's releasing new phos of the planet from the probe known as messenger. these high resolution pictures were taken back on september 289 h 29th during -- 29th during a fly by. the votes revealing for the first time another 6% of mercury's surface. >> to wrap it up, these observations provide snapshots of the transported surface material as it is redistributed around mercury or lost to the system all together. and understanding this complex system is a key element in understanding how mercury's surface has changed with time. >> reporter: this is just one
5:49 pm
of the recent projects keeping the space agency busy this year. last week, nasa launched the aries rocket from the kennedy space center. nasa hopes the rocket will replacing the aging space shuttle fleet, but budget woes threaten the project before it gets off the ground. and nasa also crashed a satellite into the moon. the mission is an ongoing search for water on the lunar landscape. >> i'm curious to see what we learned from the impacket. >> reporter: and even more from beyond, nasa' twin spacecrafts called ahead and behind catching images of a massive solar uption, and the first deep space pictures from the hubble telescope following its billion dollars make overearlier this year. and next, the november 16th launch of the space shuttle atlantis. in dallas, fox 5. apparently even for vacations, the final frontier, a company planning to open the first ever hotel in space says it should accept its first guest in 2012.
5:50 pm
the architects say the resort will cost about 4 $4 and a half million for a three-night stay. hold on, before you say that's expensive, that includes an eight-week training course on a tropical island. i mean, that evens out, right? the company says more than 423 people have already -- 43 people have already made reservations. >> $4.5 million for eight weeks. that does not balance out. >> three nights in space? >> and you spend a bunch of time like this. first of all, that's not very much time to get a hotel ready, so it's probably a rocket booster they are going to blow out there. you will be in the fetal position for three days. >> that's a lot of money. this is why i want to stay on earth, although that does sound like a cool idea, and i'm sure we will be talking a lot about space exploration. but look at this photo. clearly taken by somebody who
5:51 pm
has some talent. also known as dmc, liti, or as we call this person in the weather center, dim clicky. we know the photo was taken just a couple of weeks ago, and the moon is coming up now on the horizon. check it out. it's 99% illuminated. it's what we call winning incubus. we want to talk about the headlines. the first thing you need to know it's going to get really chilly tonight. the biggest frosadvisory posted for this area. everybody west of 95. low to mid-30s will be the bottom for some of us tonight in the district in baltimore, i do not think it will be quite that cold, but it could be in the upper 30s. wednesday will be a cooler day than we had today. today, we spiked into the mid and upper 60s insome areas, and late wednesday, we could see a few showers passing on through. that would be main ly tomorrow night after 8:00 or 9:00.
5:52 pm
sew so most of the day will be cooler. here is the frost advisory. it does not include baltimore or d.c. but it does include all points west because of the possibility of low to mid-30s that will provide some frost. also over here on the eastern shore and in the white we have freeze warnings up through pennsylvania and new jersey. so keep that in mind. we're going to see things not lasting too much longer on the cold nights. meanwhile today, not bad at all. great weather for election day, 67 degrees at reagan national. dulles at 66. we have had a couple of clouds coming through today, and a weak front has slipped to the east of the city, and the showers and a little bit of snow stayed up through pennsylvania and new york state, but we will be seeing the winds getting light, and under the clear skies, we're going to see the temperatures dropping quickly as we go through the night. right now as 61 degrees, but you can see plenty of places already in the 50s tonight, and we will be watching the temperatures descend to about the mid-30s,
5:53 pm
maybe low thirtss for you in winchester to 38 degrees in alexandria. here's a look at tomorrow's temperatures. we're talking only in the 50s, and then later in the day, we're going to see showers entering the picture. we're only talking about the lightest of showers, and coming up, we will show you the time line fore when we expect a couple of the showers to come through. we have another strong front thursday night into friday, and it will be breezy on friday. on the weekend, a dry pattern, and temperatures comfortable. near average for this time of year, which is about 63 degrees. >> all right. good times for raking leaves, then. very soon is won't just be pleasing the judges on the hit fox show so you think you can dance. this is the last week they will be the only ones weighing in o all the action. we have a preview. >> reporter: it's the last time the judges alone will vote off two finalists, putting added
5:54 pm
pressure on this year's so you think you can dance top 18. >> i think this group of dancers feels to me the most educated about the show, meaning they have watched it the most, and they know they have to raise their performance levels always. >> i don't think they need to change anything. what they have to do is learn. they have heard what the judges have said about certain styles of routines, and what the judges are looking for. give it to us. it's that simple. >> reporter: it's only going to get tougher as these performers move into complex routines outside their comfort zone. >> even if you're dropped or even if you get your heel caught in your dress, you carry on and you don't show anybody any of that. >> reporter: for mary murphy, all of these kids have a gift, but only one has it. >> when someone is extraordinary, no matter what, if they have the it factor, i don't care what they are given. they make it work. they never get lost. you always see them.
5:55 pm
and so if you don't rise to the occasion, even when something may not have a difficulty level that shows you off, you still shine. >> reporter: put your feet up and get into the groove tuesday night only on fox. in hollywood, fox 5 news. you can catch tonight's two hour episode beginning at 8:00 p.m. here on fox 5. two contestants will be eliminated from the top 18. let's check in with brian and find out what's coming up next on the news at 6:00. >> a new law just passed in the district with more accusations against d.c.'s mayor. and a consumer alert. bath and beauty products sold online at discount prices, and you're taking the bargain bait for a dangerous deal. and maryland unleashing a new secret weapon in the fight against swine flu. how it could keep you from getting sick. all that and more next on the news edge at 6:00. 
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a michigan momoted more than she bargained for on her latest trip to the grocery store. she was about to make salad for hieds, can an she noticed something moving in the package. it turned out to be the frog alive and hopping inside the bag. the grocery store in detroit asked the family to mile back the salad packaging along with the frog. instead, the family took the frog's picture and they set it free. that would freak me out and gross me out so much. can you imagine opening up your salad and seeing it hopping? >> i can't, but then you have a free pet. >> you have boys. >> i don't want to find a frog hopping around in my salad. anyway... all right. the news is far from over. >> the news edge at 6:00 starts right now.


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